Why us ?

Our management solutions can spell success for your health facility and provide a safer and more convenient atmosphere for your patients.
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Ease of Access

Our products not only act as a hub of information for doctors, patients and medical facilities, but also enables them to freely access this information with ease on any device whether its a computer or a mobile. With a broad scope, our products are freely applicable to any industry but optimized to assists doctors and patients alike.

Lower Operational Costs

With cloudchowk you can reduce human requirement and intervention considerably. A fully-automated process of operation can speed up normal activities like scheduling appointments, exchanging information, or registering and discharging patients. Lesser manpower means greater savings as cost of operations would reduce drastically. The energy and money saved through this process can be utilized more effectively to ensure superior services to patients.

Tracking Simplified

Ever wondered about the status of your resources? Is a patient at your door and you are unaware if his needs can be covered? Our product simplifies the process of finding the answer. By making our software front office ready, we reduce the time and effort doctors/hospitals/clinics/executives spend to gather relevant information, and it's made available at the distance of a click.

Time Rich Products

At cloudchowk we call our product a "Time Rich" product. By eliminating the complicated procedures that other softwares have, and eliminating the need of locating a physical copy of your medical records, our products save your valuable time. This means our doctors have more time to give to treating patients rather than spending it identifying the right cabinet, and our patients go home happier.

Inventory Management

One of the most daunting tasks faced by any hospital is to maintain the inventory as well as the instruments needed by it on a day-to-day affairs. Our solutions can ease the process of maintaining inventory levels, expiry, instrument purchase and maintenance. With us you will be able to save money by balancing your inventory needs, and get more out of your staff by making them more productive.

Next to zero overhead cost

We have developed our solution completely keeping the end user in mind. Our interface is superbly intuitive, simple and easy to use. We are confident that it would require minimum to no training for your staff to get used to our solution. We guarantee an amazing end user experience which will further enhance your operational efficiency.